Sick Kitty

Ever since we adopted Belle I have been one informed pet parent. She is my first cat, and I honestly didn't know anything about kitty's before her. So I dedicated a lot of my time to reading not only articles but also watching vet videos, and finding all the information I could to make sure… Continue reading Sick Kitty

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Ottoman Recovery

Hello Blogosphere! Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. We live in the D.C. area and we always mean to go to the amazing memorial.. but somehow always fail to do it for many reasons. This year was no different .. sadly. But since I did get the day off from work I decided to… Continue reading Ottoman Recovery

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How to Deck the Halls with out Breaking the Bank

It is almost time for Christmas! Where did 2017 go? This Holiday season is going by so fast and it feels like I can't catch up with everything that we have to do before this year ends. For the last couple of Years December has been the worst month for me because I find myself… Continue reading How to Deck the Halls with out Breaking the Bank